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suitable for agriculture, sand, engineering and emergency vehicles.
Excellent grip performance.
Excellent mud and drainage on muddy and soft surfaces.
Good traction and high floating capacity.

flotation tire

Dimensions Star TRA Code Code type rim characteristics LI/SS Pattern Depth (mm)
S(mm) D(mm)
16.00R20 ★(28PR) E-7 AE73 TL 10.00W 425 1360 160D 18.5
24R20.5 ★(16PR) E-7 AE77 TL 18.00 600 1370 176F 20.5
525/65R20.5 ★(20PR) E-7 AE77 TL 16.00 520 1200 173F 20.5
18R22.5(445/65R22.5) - AE77 TL 14.00 443 1149 169F 16.5