The results of 22 tire factories around the world are released!

Recently, the top ten tire manufacturers in China released their performance reports for the first quarter of 2024. All enterprises have achieved good results.


In addition to the performance of the first quarter of 2024, major domestic listed tire companies have successively released their 2023 annual performance reports.


Overall, in 2023, companies will continue to maintain a steady and progressive trend, and in terms of financial data, Michelin and Bridgestone are still far ahead.


Judging from the revenue data of domestic tire companies, the revenue of 4 companies exceeded 10 billion yuan, namely Sailun, Linglong, Triangle and Double Coin Tire, and the revenue of Sailun and Linglong, two domestic head enterprises, exceeded 20 billion yuan. Among them, Pulin Chengshan and Guizhou Tire are also close to 10 billion yuan in revenue. From the perspective of revenue growth, the sales of the ten listed companies have increased compared with 2022, with most companies increasing by more than 10%, and the revenue of Pulin Chengshan, Sentury, and General Motors has increased by more than 20% year-on-year.


From the perspective of net profit data, the first place in revenue is Sailun Tire, which ranks first with a net profit of 3.091 billion yuan. Double star Tire is still in a loss-making state, reporting that its truck and bus tire revenue is relatively high, market demand is insufficient, and competition is fierce, on the other hand, the Cambodian plant is still in the construction period, and the business is seriously affected by the "double anti-dumping" and is still losing money.


Judging from the specific data, the production and sales of 10 major listed tire companies have increased, including 20 companies in Double Coin, Triangle, Double star, Sentury, and Aeolus Tire

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