India continues to impose 17.57 countervailing duties on Chinese truck and bus tires

Recently, the Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry announced an important decision to make a final ruling on the countervailing sunset review of truck and bus tires originating in or imported from China. According to the Ministry's announcement, India intends to continue to impose a five-year countervailing duty on Chinese products involved in the case, with the tax rate set at 17.57 percent of the CIF price. The products involved are mainly pneumatic radial tires for passenger cars or trucks. Tires can be equipped with or without rubber tubes and rubber flaps, including tubeless tires with rim diameters greater than 16 inches. The decision concerns products 40112010 Indian customs codes and products with certain 40118000 codes. The specific type of tax will be determined according to whether the description of the imported product is consistent with the product involved.

countervailing measures date back to 2018, when India launched a countervailing investigation into Chinese truck and bus tires. A year later, in March 2019, the Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry made a positive ruling on the case and proposed to impose countervailing duties on related products from China. Subsequently, the Indian Ministry of Finance decided that, to avoid double taxation, the countervailing duty would 9.12 17.57 per cent of the difference between the CIF price and the anti-dumping duty payable. If the countervailing duty is lower than the anti-dumping duty payable, the countervailing duty is exempted.

sunset review investigation was launched in December 2023 in response to an application by a domestic tire manufacturer to review whether it is necessary to continue to take countervailing measures. The range of products covered by the survey and the expansion of the survey period are related to the 2019.

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