Welcome to Raylon International, your preferred supplier of tire and rim solutions worldwide. We have our own joint venture factories in China, Thailand and Vietnam. Since its inception, Raylon International has been committed to providing our customers with the highest quality TBR(truck and bus radial tires), OTR(off-road tires) and PCR(passenger car radial tires).


We firmly believe that through continuous innovation and the pursuit of quality, we can drive the entire automotive industry forward.

Our product line is rich and diverse to meet the needs of a wide range of vehicle types and operating conditions. Whether it is demanding mining operations, busy urban construction or everyday driving needs, Raylon International has the right solution to meet your specific use case.


About Us

Our R&D team consists of experienced engineers who not only focus on improving the performance of existing products, but also constantly explore new technologies to ensure that raylon International remains at the forefront of the industry. In addition, we have established strong partnerships with other leaders in the industry, which allows us to share resources, constantly innovate and grow together.

Environmental protection is part of our corporate culture. Raylon International is committed to sustainable practices, from sourcing raw materials to reducing our environmental impact at every step of the production process. Our products are designed to provide longer service life and greater performance efficiency, helping customers reduce operating costs and reduce waste generation. By choosing raylon International, you are choosing a trusted partner. We are committed to providing you with personalized service and support, regardless of the size of your business. Let's work together for a better future.


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Raylon International is a force that drives the world forward.